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Sexology Deck

Sexology Deck

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"A deeper connection leads to hotter sex. This deck will give you both.

The Sexology Deck invites couples to enhance their existing relationships through intimate conversation, romantic date nights, and lusty bedroom activities. This sumptuously illustrated deck takes a holistic approach to relationship wellness with 60 prompts that range from recreating your first date to discussing love languages, reading erotica together, sharing sexual fantasies, playing with power dynamics, writing each other love letters, and so much more.

Written by a sex and couples' therapist, each card includes an explanation of why that particular activity is valuable and how it will bring you closer as a couple. The engaging content is perfect for new and longtime couples alike, and gorgeous custom art on the box and cards ensures this is a lovely stocking stuffer or gift for Valentine's Day or an anniversary.

With its sophisticated approach and contemporary design, the Sexology Deck will appeal to fans of Esther Perel, Goop, Dame, and the Sex with Emily podcast, and any couple that wants to deepen their connection and spice things up.

FRESH, SOPHISTICATED APPROACH: This deck features erotic, sensual, playful, and romantic prompts that are rooted in scientific research and written by a professional sex and couples' therapist. The holistic and purposeful approach to sexual wellness and the beautiful package will appeal to couples who want to take their love life seriously.

AUTHORITATIVE AUTHOR: Kanica Saphan is a practicing sex and couples' therapist, with a deep knowledge of what makes a strong, successful partnership. Not only is she a credible source, but she is able to distill her valuable teachings into fun and engaging prompts for a modern audience.

PERFECT FOR GIFTING: Luxe and contemporary with eye-catching details, the stylish package makes a perfect gift alongside a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine, handsome pajamas, or pretty lingerie.

• Anyone who wants to spice things up in the bedroom with their partner
• People in relationships at all stages, from new to long-married couples
• Women ages 25 to 55 who are dating or married
• Fans of Esther Perel, Goop, or the Sex with Emily podcast
• Readers of Come as You Are and She Comes First
• Owners of a Dame or Maude sex toy
• Valentine's Day or anniversary gift shoppers"

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