Collection: Personal Lubricant

All personal lubricants aren't created equal; but they definitely have sex feeling even better. Choosing a lube isn't hard once you understand how they should be used. 

Water based lubricants are ideal for silicone toys, condom friendly and tend to have easy clean up. 

Oil based lubricants offer greater slip, works well for masturbation with your hands and sensual massage. 

Silicone lubricants stay slick for a longer amount of time and works well for women experiencing vaginal dryness. Keep in mind that silicone breaks down other silicones, so this type of lubricant isn't the best option for toy play.

Then there are hybrid lubricants; water is the first ingredient, but it also has silicones to provide additional slip. This is great for sex in the shower, back door play or those marathon sessions where you just can't get enough!

Personal Lubricant