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Love Deck

Love Deck

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An alluring guide to attracting love and kindling romance, filled with love-themed rituals, spells, crystals, and astrological wisdom.

The Love Deck is an enchanting guide to inviting love and romance into your life. With 70 cards of short spells, meditations, and love-themed rituals, this deck is a spiritual guide for attracting love, passion, attraction, clarity, and confidence. Users can choose a card based on their particular needs in that moment—before a first date, at a turning point in a relationship, or when a long-term partnership needs a little more spice—or at random to see what the universe has in store for their love life. With a contemporary look and alluring content, The Love Deck invites users to find new ways to kindle romance. 

NOTHING LIKE THIS OUT THERE: For people who want to invite romance into their lives, this is a fresh and unique option that doesn't require lots of writing and reflecting. This deck combines the perennial subject of love with on-trend mystical practices to appeal to a wide audience of people eager to find love, including single twentysomethings, dating-app users, and relationship newbies.

BEAUTIFUL TO GIFT AND DISPLAY: Delivered in a sleek, eye-catching package filled with 70 shimmering cards, The Love Deck is a beautiful gift for romantics and love-seekers, and a stylish companion for the spiritually curious, crystal-lovers, and tarot enthusiasts who want to find more passion in their lives.

Perfect for:

  • People seeking relationships in real life or online
  • Crystal, tarot, and astrology enthusiasts and modern mystics
  • Fans and followers of Lisa Stardust
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